Finance Directors for Small Nonprofits

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Accounting For Non Profit Organization

*This service is outsourced

You Focus on Fixing the World; We'll Focus on Managing Your Finances

All-Inclusive Monthly Service:

  • QuickBooks® data entry and bookkeeping as needed;

  • Weekly processing of your payroll (or whichever cycle is applicable); as well as calculation, filing and payment of all payroll taxes and returns*; 

  • 24/7 cloud access to your QuickBooks® Online financials with unlimited data storage;

  • Electronic processing of your bills and receipts via 3rd-party apps*;

  • Monthly electronic reconciliation of your bank and credit card accounts;

  • Monthly preparation, analysis and review with Executive Director of your receivables, payables & 6-week cash flow projections;

  • Quarterly review of your 12-month cash flow projections;

  • Mid-year review of your budget-to-actual performance;

  • ​One consultation per year, usually at year-end, with your Board of Directors (via phone or video chat) regarding your non-audited financial statements to date. (If you're a Gold or Silver client, we provide two consultations with the Board -- the 1st usually at mid-year and the 2nd one at year-end -- AND we coordinate with your auditor for however long is necessary to help you pass the financial audit. Please understand that YOU hire the auditor and that the auditor's prices are separate, and in addition, to your Gold or Silver fees);

  • Assistance in preparing your IRS Form 990 and State tax returns (if you're a Gold or Silver client, your auditor will prepare and submit your tax returns along with your audited financial statements -- we will assist as needed);

  • Help in preparing your operating budget for next fiscal year;

  • Unlimited phone consultations on any QuickBooks®, Payroll and/or Controller issues; and

Service guarantee - If you're not completely delighted with our month's work, we will try our best to correct it. If you're still not satisfied, we will refund you the portion of the monthly payment that reflects your level of dissatisfaction, up to the entire month's payment.