Finance Directors for Small Nonprofits

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You Focus on Fixing the World; We'll Focus on Managing Your Finances

Profile of Pro-Bono & Deep-Discount Clients (Non Profit Accounting Software Services)  

If your nonprofit meets the following conditions, you should consider applying for our pro-bono and sliding-scale programs. If approved, you would receive the same, all-inclusive monthly service as a Bronze client, except as noted below:


  • Your annual revenues fall below $200,000 AND your assets below $500,000;

  • You're eligible to file IRS forms 990-N or 990-EZ;

  • You're not subject to any private or government audits;

  • Low volume of monthly transactions;

  • Low volume of vendor bills and Accounts Payable;

  • Low volume of donor invoicing and Accounts Receivable;

  • You only have 1 bank account and 1 credit card account requiring reconciliation;

  • You have a maximum total payroll of 2 employees (full- or part-time, in any combination);

  • You derive 100% of your funding from non-government, unrestricted sources;

  • You do not require accounting, oversight or financial reporting on restricted grants, matching grants or special fundraising events (e.g., galas, outings, auctions, etc.);

  • You do not require accounting, oversight or financial reporting on a capital campaign;

  • You do not require accounting, tracking or evaluation of direct mail campaigns;

  • You are not the fiscal sponsor of another nonprofit;

  • You do not require formal tracking of volunteers' time, nor the work they perform;

  • You do not require additional non-GAAP fund accounting that must be segregated from your normal month-to-month accounting;

  • You operate wholly within your state (i.e., NO interstate or international programs and/or funding);

  • ​You're not subject to UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Taxes)

  • You do not sell products or services that require tracking of sales taxes;

  • You do not assemble or buy inventory for resale that require tracking cost of goods sold or inventory management; and

  • ​Your 501(c)3 status is approved or pending approval.

 Please email your signed and completed application to =>