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You Focus on Fixing the World; We'll Focus on Managing Your Finances

Raul Larios

Managing Principal

Larios Financial, LLC helps small 501(c)3 nonprofits focus on their mission as much as possible by carrying out their accounting and financial duties at low monthly fixed-prices they can budget with confidence. We generally define "small" by the number of employees (1 to 9 full- or part-time, in any combination).

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization, you have been granted a very special tax status. Your benefactors can deduct from their taxes the donations they make to your mission AND you don't have to pay any taxes on those donations. To keep these tax benefits, however, your books and financial statements will be constantly scrutinized by regulators and donors.

​Dealing with this regulatory oversight is especially tough on small nonprofits that need professional finance departments but can barely afford a part-time bookkeeper. Well, we can help. By leveraging technology and outsourcing, we can deliver quality financial management at low, monthly fixed prices that are affordable to any budget. And we mean ANY budget...check out the pro-bono section of our website, and tell us about your mission and budget limitations. We'll customize a solution.

It's our way of giving back...